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Dear APRO members,

I am very pleased to inform you that the early bird registration fee for APRCC2019 will be discounted, from $350 per participant to $270, and the early bird deadline will be extended to August 31, 2019. 
JCIA has promised us that they will apply for platinum sponsorship, so we can discount the APRCC registration fee, encouraging more participants to register. 
As the host organization of APRCC2019, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to JCIA for their platinum sponsorship of our event. 
Please check our updated website for the discounted fee for early bird registration :
In addition, we will informally discount the APRCC registration fee to attendees at the RCLG meeting to be held on November 5-6 in Seoul.
In this case, the registration fee will be $50 per participant, but it's limited to the secretariat from RCLG members, not from their member companies. 
Of course, there is no registration fee for speakers and moderators at APRCC2019. 
At this moment, we are striving to promote our event as much as we possibly can. Please support us by promoting APRCC2019 to all of your membership companies. 
Thank you.

Dear APRO members,
First of all, thank you very much for your support and cooperation in helping prepare for the upcoming event of APRCC2019, to be held November 7 to 8 in Seoul. 
Regarding this event, we have already discussed its program and ideas of how to promote it, through APRO conference call on July 2nd. 
As for the follow-up action from APRO conference call, KRCC would like to inform about results and ask for some feedback from APRO members. 1. Tentative Program of APRCC2019
▷ Tentative speakers and moderators of each session were updated, so please refer to attachment #1. 
KRCC, as the host organization of APRCC2019, is still seeking speakers and moderators, so if anybody in the APRO membership has an interest in speakers or moderators, please contact us.
Furthermore, after APRO members check the attachment#1, please let us know the status on how it's going with finding speakers.
We plan to send an official invitation letter around the end of July, after the APRCC program has been outlined. 1-1. Changing the session topic, from "Communication with the local community", to "Chemical Management or Registration as One CP&H Issue". ▷ KRCC would like to change this session topic, because both JICA and KRCC have not yet found speakers, and we expect that it would be very hard to handle with all APRO members. 
Of course, we would like to change this topic based on agreement from ICC and SPIK, and we also would like to ask APRO members for ideas about this.
If any APRO members have other ideas, please let us know. If there are no objections to changing the topic, we will take appropriate steps. 2. APRO meeting schedule
▷ As you might already know, the next APRO meeting will be scheduled on November 4, 2019. After the APRO meeting, RCLG and APRCC will follow that same week. Therefore, JCIA and KRCC would like to know availability to participate in the APRO meeting. 
Please check attachment #2, and inform KRCC or JCIA about availability for attending the APRO meeting or not. 3. Next APRO conference call 
▷ It is scheduled on Thursday, July 25, 2019, at 15:00 (Japan Standard Time).

4. APRCC2019 Promotion
▷ So far, there is no registration for APRCC from abroad. KRCC highly encourages APRO members to promote this event to their membership companies. 
Furthermore, we are considering a variety of marketing strategies, discounting registration fee for early bird and RCLG members. 
When it's confirmed about discounted registration fee, we will inform this to APRO members as early as we can . 
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.


Dear APRO members,

Please find enclosed the meeting materials for tomorrow's meeting.

We will have the meeting on July 2 from 3pm JST.…
Meeting number:574 605 700

Best regards,
Kozo Tachibana


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